We have been TradeFirst members for over 7 years and in that time have made almost $115,000 in trade and established new cash business through referrals. TradeFirst helped us expand our customer base and develop new and profitable business relationships. The funds earned through TradeFirst have allowed us to pay for…

“…dining, lawn service, entertainment, florists, medical care, vacations, and auto maintenance and repair.” Using trade dollars to purchase these products and services have offset our cash expenses, which left us more cash to reinvest into and grow our business.

We appreciate the support our TradeFirst reps provide in marketing our services to the membership, locating goods and services we may need, and providing regular contact. We look forward to building our relationship with TradeFirst and highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their profits and expand their business.


Turtlehut Internet Marketing
Jim Mitte
Member Since: December 2010