Omega Floors has been a TradeFirst member since 2014. We think Trade before for every purchase. Trade has allowed our small business to flourish. We have already done over $265,000 in trade business; and have spent nearly the same amount. It allows purchases to occur which may not have been otherwise possible in our business and personal life.
While we use trade on as many business expenses as possible, we also utilize our trade dollars on our family expenses. Using Trade dollars on family and home expenses, tremendously frees up our cash dollars.

We have used our Trade dollars “taking the kids to the Bavarian Inn Water Park and an awesome family vacation to the Rivera May; a very necessary break for all.” We also use our trade on orthodontic treatment for our entire family, dental services, gymnastic and fitness classes, groceries from Better Health, and dining on nights we are on the run. We’ve purchased mattresses, utilized on hair care, vacuum cleaners, used at Blakes Orchard, and Cj Barrymore’s for family days. We also use trade on home improvement projects.

In addition to using your trade on business related expenses, I would also recommend using your trade on items that will benefit your family; these family expenses add up. Keeping cash in your pocket and utilizing your trade is key. My favorite service offered is calling the girls at the office and asking them to refer me to another amazing trade member. All the companies I do business with are so professional and I have been overly satisfied with the service provided!
If you are considering joining Trade First, don’t hesitate, as it has literally changed my life and enhanced my business in countless ways.


Omega Floors
Julie Jones
Member Since: October 2014