I wanted to share with you how pleased Clear Channel has been with our partnership with TradeFirst.com. Being a member since 1994 has proved successful in many ways. It is often that we are looking for something either for a client or for an employee appreciation and as always great ideas and gifts are easy to find.

Nan, you have been a great asset to Clear Channel when we are looking for just the right opportunity or always ready to suggest something we may not have thought of. In addition, your efforts in spreading the word that Clear Channel has radio opportunities for your other clients has helped us to put a value to our excess inventory.

We are truly happy with the service and promptness of TradeFirst.com and look forward to a continued partnership for many years to come. TradeFirst.com will always be a company we recommend!


Clear Channel of Michigan
Jessica Pulis, Sales Manager
Member Since: August, 24 1994