As you know, I have been a member since 2002. Beach Vacation Rentals in Pompano Beach, Florida, trades fully outfitted condos, cottages and apartments with all of the comforts of home. barter income helped build my company when I first started, and was critical to my small business survival. Income earned from helped me renovate and continually upgrade the properties I purchased, making them some of the most desirable vacation rentals in greater Ft. Lauderdale. Though starting slowly, my trade income grew to tens of thousands of trade dollars yearly.

I took my barter income and put it right back into my business: for electricians, plumbers, handymen, carpenters, tile and pavers, signage, outdoor lighting, landscaping, furniture, advertising, logo and website design, company video, promotional items, the printing of brochures, business cards and letterhead, lawn and sprinkler service, pest control service, pool cleaning service and more. income helped build my company when I first started, and was critical to my small business survival.Now my hospitality business is 7 years old and I am on solid ground, but I can always use more dollars. I tell my trade reps that as fast as I can make trade dollars, I can also spend them. I keep a running wish list and they are always helping me find the things I would normally have to pay cash for. So we accept trade anytime we believe we will not be fully booked with cash customers. That is usually from mid April to mid December, but sometimes we offer select weeks during high season. I have expanded my use of dollars by offering my cash customers vacation extras at a discount that I get on trade: like boat rentals, restaurants, day spas, golf, theater and snorkel/dive trips.

It is a win-win for my customers and a barter-to-cash conversion for me. I thank my best customers with a welcome flower arrangement or gift basket, purchased on trade, of course! And when I just have to get away by myself, I set up with a fabulous vacation to an exotic land by calling Patty in the Travel Department.


Beach Vacation Rentals
Elaine Florea, Owner
Member Since: June 03, 2002