is a privately owned company that was founded in 1978. We are one of the nation’s oldest and most established trade networks. We have brokered over half a billion dollars in trade, in over 1,000 categories of goods and services.

Since our launch we have been a revolutionary leader in the barter industry. TradeFirst is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of our members. By acting as an aggressive financial, service and marketing organization, we keep an on-going awareness of our members’ needs.

The History Of Trade First


TradeFirst Opens it’s doors under the name Michigan Trade Exchange.


TradeFirst develops a revolutionary program to calculate and manage trade transactions using data point terminals.


Acquisition of the Toledo, Ohio office.


Launches a 24-hour telephone authorization system.

Early 1990's

The Michigan Trade Exchange becomes Trade Exchange of America.


Institutes broadcast fax capabilities to notify members of new trading opportunities.


Opening of the Pompano Beach, Florida office.


Launches interactive web presence capable of online trading, account maintenance, and member/category searches.


Starts weekly eSpecial, an opt-in email for new goods and services.


The Trade Exchange of America becomes


TradeFirst becomes the only barter company in the United States to offer swipe mag-card machines to members.


TradeFirst is the first barter company with a rating system allowing the community to publish instant feedback about transactions and sellers.


Launches the TradeFirst App for smart phones, allowing access to nearby member dining, retail, entertainment and other goods and services.


Creates interactive training videos for members to easily learn how to get authorizations from our swipe machine, smart phone app, online and over the 24-hour line.


Card Swipe innovations for Smartphones & Tablets as well as USB connectable devices.


Introduces wireless tablets for members to use for transactions.