is a privately owned company that both maintains account records and promotes transactions for its member clients. These businesses buy & sell products and services from each other using an internal currency.  Businesses earn trade credits (instead of cash) that are deposited into their account.  They then have the ability to purchase goods and services from other members utilizing their trade credits. plays an important role safekeeping transactions as well as brokering services to each member.

In the United States approximately 500,000 businesses are involved in barter exchanges.  Exchange systems can provide new sales and higher volumes of business.  Utilizing barter, a business can take down time or idle inventory and turn it into new revenue. can help conserve cash for essential expenditures, and convert unproductive assets into real value.  In addition accepting barter can reduce unit costs and open new outlets for excess inventory or unused capacity.  In fact, unless a business has more work than it can handle, barter is generally a viable revenue stream. 

Organized barter companies also benefit over conventional advertising due to their proactive nature.  You may call into the brokerage with a list of needs and the brokers will quickly match you to members that can fill your request.